Responsive Vs Non-responsive Website Designs

Responsive Vs Non-responsive Website Designs

You may have heard people say that a particular site is responsive or another site is not responsive. What do we really mean by these terminologies? Let’s learn a little bit about the responsive as well as the non-responsive web designs. Later, in the same context, we will also learn about the “Mobile First Approach”.


So, what is Responsive Design?

A Responsive Web design is one that enables websites to be optimized for all screen sizes. That means that a website appears slightly different on mobile devices such as a Smartphone than it appears on the desktop or a laptop.

More and more websites have become Responsive as users have started browsing through their phones. You come across responsive websites every day. When you browse an online retailer store such as Amazon or eBay, you see a different interface on your home computer than what you see on your phone. These retailers have come to know that their users are no more restricted to desktop computers. They can shop from anywhere and from any device. Therefore, to give a good experience to their site visitors on all the devices, these retailers have optimized their websites. We call such websites as Responsive Websites.  And this design approach of creating a mobile friendly website is called Responsive design approach.


What is Non-responsive design then?

You may also have come across websites that appear exactly the same on the desktop as well as on mobile devices. But you often struggle to navigate such websites on your Smartphone. And, you have to zoom in every time you need to visit a tab. You have to zoom in even if you have to read.

And then, you have to zoom out if you want to see the entire web page. Isn’t that too cumbersome? That is how non-responsive websites appear. These sites may have been great once upon a time. But now, they’ve become cumbersome for mobile users. Their desktop versions may still be great but they’re simply not good for the mobile users.


The Era of Mobile-First

Mobile-first is a paradigm shift in the thought process of web designers and developers. It’s a shift from a Top-down approach to a Bottom-p approach. When the first responsive websites were being created, developers started with the creation of full-featured sites for desktops. In the next step, they -reduced functionalities to optimize the site for mobile users.

A mobile-first design approach helps to create mobile-friendly websites that are fully functional on mobile devices. They look attractive on small screens and offer great user experience. Once the site is designed for the smallest screens, developers enhance the interface progressively to optimize the site for high definition desktop experience.

In the next blog post on this topic, we would learn about why is it important for businesses to adapt to responsive design.


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