Power of Humility

Power of Humility

Over the years, while driving technology deployments, we have observed that successful adoptions primarily deal with change. Hence, observing and studying the drivers that influence or resist change, become an integral part of a technology professional’s being. On this note, without attempting to make any direct corelation with technology, we are putting our thoughts for such a fundamental driver which is humility.

Humility is probably the most powerful virtue which a human being possesses and commands. Humility is not submissiveness, neither is it meekness nor is it a weakling’s camouflage. Humility is submission to the Almighty. Humility is acceptance of one’s imperfections. It’s aligning one self with the universal truth that human beings are an imperfect creation of God.

Mere acceptance of this fact can liberate an individual. It can become a source to receive the universal energy which is available in abundance to every soul. One can now receive, as one has now dropped the guards of pretense and perfection. He can now harness this energy to seek perfection, to create new realities, to innovate, and to chart out the next course for humanity. In that sense, humility is, in fact, essential for growth, excellence, and Nirvana.

A humble being is open, he does not have to hide behind the pretense, he does not have to deal with his false ego. His understanding of imperfections gives him all the freedom to try new things. He does not carry the fear of failure. He is open minded, is forgiving as he accepts his imperfections and the imperfections of his fellow mates. He does not have the baggage of guilt, nor does he carry the load of hate.

The names that flash across my mind as the epitome of humility are the likes of Christ, Buddha, and Gandhi; people who possessed supreme powers and transformed large masses.

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