Our Value Proposition

Value Proposition

DigiMorph's value proposition lies in the real and the perceived benefits of a world-class consulting organization coupled with a relative cost advantage. The benefits to clients come in the form of DigiMorph's Design thinking which is the core of its service design. Other components of this carefully crafted value proposition are: Industry approach, proprietary tools, its processes and methods, and the orchestration and integration of agile, contemporary, cost-effective, largely open source, SMACI (Social, Mobile, Analytical, Cloud-based and IoT) capable technologies.

Design Thinking

We follow design methodology to offer a solution-based approach to solving complex problems that have either been ill-defined or are still unknown. This helps us understand the needs of consumers through our on-going primary and secondary research, by re-framing complex problems in human-centric ways; and by creating ideas through series of brainstorming sessions. Our service lines are the outcome of this design thinking. It originated from our belief that human evolution seeks convenience. In his quests to convenience, he innovates and designs solutions. This belief was supported by our observation that there has been a paradigm shift in human behavior due to widespread adoption of digital technologies. Our belief, our observation and our study of human and technology co-action resulted into profound insights that clearly indicated that Digital consumer and Digital employees are the two levers of change. And, we foresee exponential growth opportunities for organizations that are able to effectively address the changing dynamics of the contemporary lifestyle, that is digital. Alternatively, companies that do not change would face the risk of survival and marginalization.

Industry Approach

One size doesn't fit all. An approach that works for one industry may not at all be feasible in the other. Our Industry approach is centered around creating industry experts that have seen the evolution of digital across the industry value chain. Our management team possesses several years of hands-on industry experience and have spearheaded several digital transformation projects across several industries. Our industry approach begins with PESTLE Analysis that helps us understand the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental impact on an industry. This industry analysis helps us in benchmarking our client with industry leaders as well as with the closest competitors. Whereas the Industry approach gives us the O & T (Opportunity and Threats) of our overall SWOT Analysis, we derive the S & W (Strength and Weakness) components from the benchmarking practice


Before presenting our solutions to a prospective client, we perform in-depth PESTLE and SWOT Analysis. While Opportunities and threats for an organization are derived from PESTLE analysis, we perform benchmarking for digital maturity on more than 60 parameters. While benchmarking, we assign numeric values to each parameter and finally create a Digital Maturity Index for the organization. In order to benchmark an organization with the industry leaders or the closest competitor, we create maturity index for all the organizations we intend to study. At the end, we rank the organizations on the basis of Digital Maturity. In order to perform this analysis, we have created a number of proprietary tools. These tools have been tested over the years and are possibly the best tools available today to benchmark companies on the basis of digital maturity.

Processes & Methodologies

Our Service Delivery Model is simplistic yet methodically structured to ensure that our action plan is centered around our client’s business goals and core values. We, therefore, believe in reinventing the core and holistically aligning the organization so that strategy percolates through the deepest layer of the enterprise. Once we align the organizational core values with the business goals, we formulate a robust strategy that beings with the current state analysis and future state envisioning. With our expertise in change management, we help organizations with future state envisioning by benchmarking their capabilities with the capabilities of the industry leaders or the closest competitors. This process of current state analysis and future envisioning results into a thorough Gap Analysis. After identifying the gaps and seeking the required approvals from the key stakeholders, we move to the implementation side of the strategy. Execution begins with Object setting and action planning. Throughout the execution process, we ensure close monitoring, governance & control through periodic performance management.

Technology Orchestration & Integration

We have witnessed the beginning and possibly the end of an era of complex enterprise applications. Companies have been investing millions in creating an infrastructure and then maintaining it. We believe that companies, irrespective of their size, can make a switch from the complex technology infrastructure to a more agile, cost-effective, contemporary, largely open source, SMACI (Social, Mobile, Analytical, Cloud-based, IoT) capable, subscription-based architecture that is highly manageable, scalable and secure.