Our Offerings

Our Offerings

Our Focus - The Consumer-Enterprise Interface

We play in the digital space, especially in the consumer-enterprise interface. Majority of our services are in the space that directly impacts brands' touch points with consumers. This positioning can be seen in all our service lines - consumer experience technologies (web and mobile platforms), digital marketing (organic and paid search, social media, etc.), media buying and planning; and consumer analytics. Additionally, DigiMorph advisory consults organizations in all these areas. Although Advisory itself is an independent service line of DigiMorph, each independent service line and sub-service lines have a touch of a world-class advisory.

Design Thinking & The Origin of Our Service Lines

For several decades, we strategized and implemented digital transformation. We studied changing human behavior in relation to evolving digital technologies. New business pain points threw new questions and challenges. We had our own questions with regards to futuristic technologies. This was, in a way, our primary research that went on for several decades. Just to ensure that the questions we had were unanimous, we conducted several secondary research. And the statistics of the secondary research supported our primary research. To answer these questions and to be able to solve the prominent challenges in the digital space, we crafted our service lines.

Our Service Lines

Digital Advisory Services

Our take is that the digital era is all about the paradigm shift in human behavior riding on the tech capability explosion. To make an attempt to survive and then possibly thrive, enterprises need to realign and strategize themselves around contemporary customer and employee experience expectations.

Digital Marketing

It is well established that Digital Age has rewritten the rulebook on consumer behavior. Lifestyle has changed and has happened fast and quick. It is imperative for businesses to take note of that and redefine their marketing strategies and marketing budgets with utmost urgency.

Consumer Analytics

DigiMorph’s Marketing Analytics offers the processes and technologies that enable marketers to evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives.