Why is it important for businesses to adapt to responsive design?

Why is it important for businesses to adapt to responsive design?

In our last blog post, we learned about Responsive and Non Responsive websites. In this article, we are going to learn why it has become so important for businesses to adapt to responsive designs.


The evolution of tech savvy users:

We are witnessing an evolution. From Desktop to Mobile optimized. From Mobile optimized to Mobile First! This is certainly not just about screen sizes. This is an evolution – an example of how technology has touched the mankind. This is not just a new trend. This is a case of technology adoption that has left no option for website owners but to change to embrace the ever-growing mobile users.


As per a research conducted by Forrester, the number of global Smartphone subscribers would reach 3.8 billion by 2022, crossing the 50% mark for Smartphone penetration by population in 2017 and reaching 66% by 2022. This is up from 21% in 2013. ((Source: Forrester report entitled “Forrester Data: Mobile, Smartphone, And Tablet Forecast, 2017 To 2022”)

Signs are clear. Mobile has surpassed Desktop. And the trend is going to continue. Creating a responsive website is just the first step towards a creating a seamless mobile experience. If your site is not responsive yet, it’s the time for you to give it a serious thought.


Three top reasons why is it important for businesses to adapt to responsive design?

By 2022, 3.8 billion Smartphone subscribers would be using their phone every day to find a product or service. If you are not able to provide them with the best user experience on your website, you might lose them. Chances are they would go to your competitors. I believe that should be the number one reason for a company to adopt a responsive design.  Just remember, companies spend millions just to get visitors on their websites. If you lose the ones that come to your site, you are definitely doing something that is not right. Although I can jot down several points here as to why it is important for a business to have a responsive website, I think the points mentioned below are the most important ones.

  • Brand Image: the moment I see a website that is not responsive, I get a feeling that the company that owns the website is not moving ahead with time. They are lazy. And, they do not care much about their prospects. I would be hesitant to work with or buy stuffs from such a company.
  • User Experience: We put a lot of efforts to bring quality traffic to our website. We spend time and effort in Search Engine Optimization. We even spend money on Search Engine Marketing to bring traffic. After doing all this, we wouldn’t want to lose website visitors simply because they reached us through their Smartphone. Higher bounce rates lead to poor Organic Search ratings. And, the time spent on site is directly proportional to new business.
  • Changing Algorithms: On April 21, 2015, Google introduced a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. Google came up with this new algorithm just to give a boost to mobile-friendly websites. In simple words, this means that you will rank higher on mobile search results page if your website is mobile friendly. If all the websites in the search results are mobile friendly, then the most mobile-friendly site would rank at the top. The simplest way to know how mobile-friendly your site is, you can test it using Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Tool. You may learn more about this in our blog post-Google has introduced AMP. Are the Marketers Ready? Google’s change in algorithm is a clear message to website owners that being mobile-friendly is not just for enhancing your brand image and user experience. In fact, if you want to rank high in search results, you have to have a responsive website and be as mobile friendly as possible.

I hope by now you might have got a fair idea about responsive and non-responsive designs; and why it has become so important for businesses to adapt to responsive designs. In the next and the last article on responsive website design, we would learn the prominent features of responsive websites and how you can get your own responsive website.

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